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Are Bees The Smartest Insect?

Do bees actually think? Here’s a fascinating podcast from Science Friday that just might answer the question – are bees the smartest insect?

It’s long been known that bees can associate rewards with certain aspects of flowers – such as colors, patterns, and scents. In other scenarios – it wasn’t clear how they would perform.

Listen and learn more about some of the studies about how bees might be able to learn.

Maybe that’s why the bees picked your property to take up residence! They found a convenient entrance (so remember to bee-proof your home) and started their hive in a less than ideal place for you, but a seemingly perfect location for them.

Depending on your definition of intelligence, insects — especially “social” species that live in colonies — are incredibly smart. And perhaps none more so than the humble bee. –

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Bees may be the smartest insect, but they don’t belong in your home.

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