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What’s The Difference Between Bees and Wasps?

Many people use the terms bees and wasps interchangeably in conversation. Yet, they are fairly different. They may have a similar color scheme and make …

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Honey being drizzled into a pot

Turkey Day Traditions – Just Add Honey

This year may look a little different than the traditional Thanksgiving of years past. Your gathering might be smaller and even outside. Now’s the time …

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The Worker Bee — She Works Hard for the Honey

We explored the queen bee and all her glory in our last post. Now let’s take a closer look at the wind beneath her wings …

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Queen Bee Dallas Bee Removal

Welcome to the Beehive: The Queen Bee

Bees are fascinating creatures, and the inner-workings of their hive offers an amazing example of a cohesive unified community. That being said, it is not …

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Bee proof your home

Time to Bee-Proof Your Home

Bees are fascinating creatures to watch and study. One thing you do not want to observe is a bee colony moving into your house. With …

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Murder Hornet 1

What’s up with murder hornets in the Dallas-Fort Worth area?

Strange times. And to add to the current state of events is the arrival of a new ominous pest we must worry about, known by …

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