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Bee swarm

Spring is Here and So is the Honeybee Swarm Season

Spring has sprung, and so have the honeybees. This time of year is known as swarm season. All winter bees have been in their hives …

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Canva Honey on Bread 1

Exciting Recipes and Great Uses for Honey this Winter

The adage is true: summer bodies are made in the winter. If you are like many Americans after the new year, you might be trying …

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Honey Gift Ideas – Sweet Presents for the Holidays

Are you looking for some fun and different ideas for holiday gifts? Then you are at the right place, and Little Giant Beekeepers has sourced …

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honeybee facts

The Most Interesting Insect in the World – Honey Bee Facts

Facts About Honeybees You may think you know a lot about honeybees, but there is always more to learn about this fascinating creature. Did you …

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WaspNest Drone

Wasp Nest vs Drone – Don’t Try This At Home

You are never too old for toys! A drone is a toy the whole family can enjoy. Kids, moms, and dads can get in on …

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close up honey pouring 33260

Tips for Honey Extraction

Have you noticed that beekeeping is gaining popularity as a hobby? You don’t have to live in the country or have a lot of land …

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