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Grow These Plants to Keep Bees Away From Your Garden This Summer

It’s summer and you want to enjoy your days outdoors. The sight and smell of fresh flowers and garden plants are welcoming and beautiful, but they may attract some unwanted company. We all know that flowers need bees for pollination, but bees can be a safety risk– especially if you are allergic to their venom. Does this mean you should skip the garden altogether? Not at all. You can grow certain garden plants that will keep these pesky insects away. 


This may be a popular scent and flavor for people, but not for bees. Mint flowers have a very overpowering aroma, which these insects can not stand. Be mindful that mint flowers love their shade, so you don’t need to keep them in the sunlight, and they can grow rapidly.


This garden plant contains a substance that is toxic to insects called absinthe. It releases a pungent smell that alerts bees and wasps of potential danger. They will stay away to protect themselves. Be careful with wormwood plants though. They can also kill surrounding plants. Keep them further away, make sure they get a lot of direct sunlight, and plant them in well-drained soil. Apart from that, they need very little care.


This plant is a great addition to your garden. Its rich taste will add flavor to your food, and you can even try out some new recipes. Apart from being a great seasoning, basil plants will help keep bees away from your garden. The aroma of basil repels insects. For the plant to grow effectively, it needs plenty of heat. Six to eight hours of sunlight a day to be exact. This makes it a great plant to grow in Texas.

Pitcher Plants

This is a great option if you want to see some action in your garden. These garden plants actually consume bees and wasps. They are carnivorous plants, meaning they feed on insects to get nutrients. These plants eat insects for their own survival. These plants are picky and trickier to maintain. You can only water them using rainwater or distilled water. They also need frequent direct sunlight.

Pitcher plants control the number of bees around, but we recommend opting for a friendlier option. Bees are essential to the ecosystem, and we don’t want to kill them off. 

Cucumber Plants

Cucumbers have acidic peels and bees are not a fan of them. These garden plants are a great option for your garden because so many fresh summer dishes can be made with these vegetables. Cucumber plants require warm weather and lots of moisture. If you don’t want to nurture them, you can still place cucumber peels around the garden. This will repel the insects, and you don’t have to use your resources on growing them.

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