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Austin Bee Removal Services for Your Home, Business, or Property

Bees can nest in the walls of your home or business premises, making structural support unsafe without bee removal services in Austin, Texas. When this happens, you need the professional help of our specialists, who will determine where bees have settled so that we can safely treat them while avoiding property damage (and hopefully saving these vital creatures’ lives in the process)!

Our Austin Bee Removal Experts Know Their Tricks!

Hives often hide within building materials like drywall. This can make it incredibly difficult for homeowners to locate exactly where they’re located until conditions get out of control.

With businesses and vacant properties, bees can become a problem when they move in and take over an area meant for customers or tenants. This is where our commercial bee removal services come into play.

Our trained experts have the experience and equipment necessary to quickly and easily identify problem areas. We’ll work diligently to get rid of bees while preserving the integrity of your home, commercial building, or property.

Little Giant Beekeepers always get their bee!

If you need Bee Removal Services in Austin, call 817-886-6698 for a fast and friendly service that will make your day easier!

While bee stings are not usually life-threatening, they can be incredibly painful and potentially dangerous. Symptoms can range from mild skin irritations to full-blown anaphylactic shock, which requires immediate medical attention. And if you have any small children or customers of varying ages and medical susceptibilities on your commercial properties, this can be a potentially huge liability.

If you are susceptible to bee stings, it is important to seek help immediately. But before waiting until you’re facing an emergency medical situation, one of the most important things you can do is take care of the bee problem itself so it doesn’t take root.

Allergic to bee stings?

Don’t attempt to locate the hive yourself! When bees feel threatened they will act aggressively and sting whoever or whatever gets in their way. You may have a hive in your attic or garage if you find that bees are coming in and out of your home.

Little Giant Beekeeper’s expert bee removal service in Austin will examine the hive and colony and properly rid your home or business of unwanted bees. We use only the best equipment and safe chemicals. Let us take care of bee removal in Austin before there’s any damage to your walls, molding, or other interior structures.

The Best Time for Beehive Removal

Population in a beehive is the least in late winter or early spring. Bees sleep in the evening and early morning, so bee removal in Austin during this time will lower the risk of attack.

Once the hive is safely removed, the area must be thoroughly washed to rid the air of any lingering residue that has been left behind. This will prevent other bees from picking up the scent of the former colony and nesting in the same location.

To avoid further hives, let Little Giant Beekeepers handle bee removal in Austin, and you won’t be disappointed!

We’ve been serving all of Austin and the state of Texas for over 35 years! Our services include bee removal, bee control, full hive removal, Africanized bee control, and protection against yellow jackets, wasps, bumblebees, and other stinging insects.

Contact the experts at Little Giant Beekeepers for bee removal in Austin. We’re available to you seven days a week for your convenience so call us today at 817-886-6698.

Got Bees?

Don’t let little bees become a giant problem! Contact Little Giant Beekeepers today!

Got Bees?

Don’t let little bees become a giant problem! Contact Little Giant Beekeepers.