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Bee and Wasp Removal Wylie

Professional Bee Removal Services in Wylie, Texas

Little Giant Beekeepers offers safe and efficient bee removal services in Wylie and the rest of North Texas. If you have a bee problem, we are only a call away. These stinging insects can accumulate very rapidly on your property. A beehive can host up to 50,000 bees! But don’t try to get rid of the beehive on your own. Worker bees will lay down their lives to defend their home. They will attack you with their sharp stingers, which can cause an allergic reaction that can be life-threatening. Little Giant Beekeepers will safely remove the bees from your home or business and ensure that they don’t come back. 

Our Team Has a Lot to Offer

Little Giant Beekeepers offers comprehensive services in Wylie, Texas, to ensure that your property is safe from any stinging insects. Here are some of the ways we can fortify your home or business:

  • Bee control
  • Full hive removal
  • Bee proofing
  • Live bee removals
  • Africanized bee control
  • Dallas yellow jacket removal
  • Wasp removal in dallas
  • Protection against bumblebees and other stinging insects

Our services are very affordable, and we will get to you as quickly as possible. You and your family’s comfort and safety is our top priority.

Put a Stop to Unwelcome Guests

Our expert team performs live bee removals in order to protect the bees’ lives. We relocate them to a place that is far away from people and businesses, where they can continue to pollinate the earth and create honey. We only use our extermination services as a last resort. 

Hives leave behind a scent, especially if they are exterminated instead of removed. The odor that is released can be traced back by future generations of bees. Then, they will rebuild their hive in the same place. Little Giant Beekeepers thoroughly cleans out the area to ensure that no scent is left behind. You don’t have to worry about those unwelcome guests settling in your property again. We also guarantee our work with a five-year warranty. We keep our word.

Preventing Stings

Here are a couple of things you can do to prevent upsetting the bees and getting stung:

  • Wear protective footwear, long sleeves, and hats
  • Avoid vibrant colored attire
  • Avoid the use of perfume, hair spray, or other heavy-scented products
  • Place trash in sealed containers
  • Don’t crush the bees. They release a scent that attracts more bees.
  • Stay still when a bee is near. Rapid movement makes them feel threatened.

Wylie Bee and Hive Removal Experts

At Little Giant Beekeepers, we always get our bee. No job is too big or too little for us. Beehives are usually found in walls and eaves of homes, trees, chimneys, bushes, wooden structures, and sheds. We can conduct a thorough search to find any and all threats in your property. Let us tackle your beehive problem for you. We have over 40 years of experience, and our experts use the latest equipment to execute our projects safely and efficiently. Let us cleanse and fortify your home or business!

Got Bees?

Don’t let little bees become a giant problem! Contact Little Giant Beekeepers.