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Bee Removal Arlington

Prevent Structural Damage to Your Home with Bee Removal Services in the Arlington Area

If bees have decided to make their home and hive within the walls of your home, the structural support of your indoor environment may be unsafe without bee removal in Arlington. Bees are beneficial to the ecosystem, but they can pose a serious threat if they nest in the walls of your home or business premises. If hives are hidden, honey can cause significant damage to walls and ceilings. When this happens, you need professional help with bee removal in Arlington. Our bee removal specialists will determine where the beehive is located and safely treat and remove it so you can avoid property damage.

If you require Bee Removal Services in Arlington, call Little Giant Beekeepers today at 817-886-6698. We always get our bee!

If you are allergic to bee stings, don’t attempt to locate the hive yourself! When bees feel threatened they will act aggressively and sting whoever or whatever gets in their way. You may have a hive in your attic or garage if you find that bees are coming in and out of your home. Little Giant Beekeeper’s expert bee removal service in Arlington will examine the hive and colony and properly rid your home or business of unwanted bees. We use only the best equipment and safe chemicals. Let us take care of bee removal in Arlington before there’s any damage to your walls, molding or other interior structures.

When is the best time to perform beehive removal?

Population in a beehive is the least in late winter or early spring. Bees sleep in the evening and early morning, so bee removal in Arlington during this time will lower the risk of attack. Once the hive is safely removed, the area must be thoroughly washed to rid the air of any lingering residue that has been left behind. This will prevent other bees from picking up the scent of the former colony and nesting in the same location. To avoid further hives, let Little Giant Beekeepers handle bee removal in Arlington and you won’t be disappointed!

We’ve been serving all of Arlington and the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex area for over 35 years! Our services include bee removal, bee control, full hive removal, Africanized bee control, as well as protection against yellow jackets, wasps, bumblebees and other stinging insects.

Contact the experts at Little Giant Beekeepers for bee removal in Arlington. We’re available to you seven days a week for your convenience so call us today at 817-886-6698.

Got Bees?

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