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Bee and Wasp Removal in Farmers Branch, Texas

Efficient Bee Removal Services In Town

Have you been dealing with constant buzzing around your home or business in Farmers Branch, Texas? You swap one bee away, but it seems to always come back? If you notice a good number of wasps or bees on your property, it’s important to call Little Giant Beekeepers as soon as possible. Although bees are highly important to the environment, they can pose a safety threat to people, especially if people are allergic to them. Our team of experts will safely remove the hive or hives, and relocate them to an area far away from people and buildings. 

The Working Life of a Bee

Did you know that a beehive can contain up to 50,000 bees? Now imagine if you have more than one beehive on your property! That’s a lot of bees to tame on your own. A beehive contains a queen bee, whose sole purpose is to procreate. As soon as the queen bee dies, she is replaced by another one. Another important component of the beehive are the male bees, also known as the drone bees. These bees fertilize the queen bee as their main job.

So, if the queen bee and the drone bees are procreating all day, who keeps the beehive well-fed, protected, and running? That work is left for the working bees. They make up most of the beehive and they buzz around collecting pollen and nectar. They even lay down their lives protecting their hives. As you can see, these bees are hardworking and fighters. Therefore, you need a team of experts to help you remove these hives from your property.

The Beest Services in Farmers Branch, Texas

Little Giant Beekeepers offers many bee and wasp services to tame the creatures on your property and restore the safety of your home or business. Take a look at some of the services below:

  • Bee control
  • Full hive removal
  • Bee proofing
  • Africanized bee control
  • Dallas yellow jacket removal
  • Wasp removal in Dallas
  • Protection against bumblebees and other stinging insects

Don’t hesitate to contact our expert bee removers. If you have any questions or need clarification on our services, send us a message or give us a call.

Life Bee Removals in Farmers Branch, Texas

Bees pollinate 90% of the plants that produce the world’s food. Without these busy creatures, our ecosystem wouldn’t survive. That’s why, bees need to be looked after, even when they are invading your property and annoying you. Little Giant Beekeepers offers live bee removal services to ensure that the bees are safely removed and relocated to a new home. Our team has access to the best bee removal equipment in the industry that removes bees safely and efficiently. We only use chemicals as a last resort.

Little Giant Beekeepers Has Your Back

If you are in need of wasp or bee removal services in Farmers Branch, Texas, or surrounding areas, we have you covered. There isn’t a job that is too big or too small for our team. Let’s restore your property’s safety today!

Got Bees?

Don’t let little bees become a giant problem! Contact Little Giant Beekeepers.