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Bee Removal Park Cities

Beat the Buzzing With Expert Bee Removal Services in the Park Cities

Need bee removal in the Park Cities (University Park or Highland Park)? Definitely call a specialist! Unless you think you can survive being attacked by 40-45,000 bees, don’t ever attempt removing a beehive on your own. Bees are extremely protective of their hives and have the tendency to stick together when defending their nest. So keep away from them and instead, call in the professionals for bee removal in the Park Cities.

A queen bee can lay up to 2000 eggs per day – that’s about 5 or 6 a minute! With professional bee removal in the Park Cities, whether in Highland Park or University Park, you can protect your well-being by preventing an infestation. Bees may look fairly small and innocent, but one single sting from an Africanized Honey Bee can be deadly. Why take the chance of removing a hive on your own when you can simply call in an expert for bee removal in Park Cities? Bee control specialists will get rid of your bee problem right away with minimal disruption to you.

For Bee Removal Services in Park Cities call Little Giant Beekeepers today at 972-980-0923. We always get our bee!

If you have flowering plants that produce nectar and pollen around your home or business premises, keep an eye out for a hive. Honey bee colonies will live year after year and spend their time clustering in a close ball, preparing to survive the next winter. Unless you have a bee control expert provide you with bee removal in the Park Cities, expect to see busy bees buzzing around every spring. Bee removal in Highland Park or University Park by our bee removal specialists will safely locate and remove the hive before they make your home their home.

Prevent potential nesting sites for long term bee removal in Highland Park by following these quick and easy tips:

  • Use caulking to fill in cracks in walls, foundation and roof
  • Cover holes in ground, trees, structures, walls and chimney
  • Apply small mesh screens to attic vents, irrigation valve boxes and water meter boxes
  • Dispose of any trash that may be used as a shelter
  • Ensure all windows and screens are tightly fitted

Professional Bee Removal in University Park Offers Same Day Bee Removal and Relocation

For over three decades, Little Giant Beekeepers have been providing timely bee removal in the Park Cities with top of the line equipment and products for safe and effective bee removal. Whether you’re located in Highland Park or University Park, our bee control services are guaranteed to rid your home or commercial premises of those stinging insects once and for all! Not only do we offer bee removal in the Park Cities, but we also undertake bee control, full hive removal, Africanized bee control, and protection against yellow jackets, wasps, bumblebees or other stinging insects.

Contact the experts at Little Giant Beekeepers for bee removal in the Park Cities. We’re available to you seven days a week for your convenience, serving Highland and University Park and the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area. Call us today at 972-980-0923.

Got Bees?

Don’t let little bees become a giant problem! Contact Little Giant Beekeepers.