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Honeybee Removal North Texas

Little Giant Beekeeper offers safe bee removal services for residents throughout North Texas. Little Giant Beekeepers keep property owners safe from the unpredictable nature of bees, but because they are so vital to our environment they do so without the use of pesticides whenever they are able. Springtime is the bees’ swarm season. Part of the hive, along with a new queen leaves the hive to branch out and find a new home. Our mild Texas winters allow wild beehives to thrive year-around so Little Giant Beekeepers almost always sees a spike in springtime honeybee swarm calls.

Many of the North Texas hives Little Giant Beekeepers have encountered recently are Africanized. Africanized honeybee hives are more aggressive than the European honeybees have been common in Dallas and the surrounding area. If an Africanized honeybee hive is disturbed, the whole group of honeybees come after you, versus the European hive, in which only a few will.

To avoid having honeybees make your property their home, search the outside walls and eaves for any cracks. Have them sealed immediately. If you do find a beehive in the walls of your property, contact Little Giant Beekeepers. Never try to caulk a hole or crack before the hive is removed or the honeybees will come inside your home or office. Bees always migrate towards the light.

Be very careful when dealing with beehive removal and if you are at all uncertain of how to proceed, call the North Texas experts at Little Giant Beekeepers.

Got Bees?

Don’t let little bees become a giant problem! Contact Little Giant Beekeepers.