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Professional Beekeepers in Murphy, Texas

Removing Bees from Properties Since 1980

Have you seen bees buzzing around your residential or commercial property? Look no further for professional beekeepers in Murphy, Texas. Little Giant Beekeepers has been removing bees from properties and relocating them for many years now. We have the team and experience to handle any kind of job, big or small.

We understand the importance of safely and quickly removing bees from your property and will always take the necessary steps to ensure the job is done right. With our experienced beekeepers and state-of-the-art bee removal equipment, we guarantee a safe, effective, and efficient bee removal process. Contact us today for more information on our bee removal services.

The Bee Population in Murphy, Texas

Murphy, Texas, is home to a variety of native and non-native bees. The majority of the bees here are native species, including honeybees, bumblebees, carpenter bees, and sweat bees. These bees are essential for pollination and contribute to the health of the local ecosystem. They can be found foraging for nectar and pollen in local gardens and parks, homes, business properties, and in open fields. 

Murphy is also home to a variety of non-native bee species, including European honeybees, Africanized honeybees, and the wool carder bee. These bees were introduced by beekeepers and can be found in managed bee colonies within the city limits. While they are beneficial to pollination, they can also become a nuisance if their hives become too large or if they swarm.

The Dangers of a Bee Sting

A bee’s sting can be dangerous, as some people may be allergic and can suffer a severe reaction. Allergic reactions to bee stings can range in severity, from a localized reaction to anaphylactic shock. In the most severe cases, a bee sting can cause death if medical assistance is not sought immediately. The venom from a bee’s sting can cause localized reactions such as swelling, redness, and pain.

Some people may experience more severe reactions such as hives, difficulty breathing, nausea, dizziness, and swelling of the tongue or throat. In the case of anaphylactic shock, the body’s immune system overreacts to the venom and can cause a rapid drop in blood pressure, irregular heart rate, and difficulty breathing.

As you can see, having bees roam around your property is never a good idea, no matter if it’s your home or business. Bees can become a threat to the people on your property. Although bees can be dangerous, they are also vital to our ecosystem, and therefore need to be handled by professional beekeepers in Murphy, Texas.

Why Are Bees Essential to the Ecosystem?

Bees are essential to the health of any ecosystem. They are the primary pollinators of plants, and without them, many plants would not be able to reproduce. This is because bees are the only species capable of transferring pollen from one flower to another, which is necessary for plant reproduction. Bees also help to increase crop yields, as they allow plants to produce more fruits and vegetables. Without bees, the food supply would be significantly reduced.

That’s why Little Giant Beekeepers’ main objective is to relocate the bees from your property, not exterminate them. We use specialized equipment to safely move the bees to another location away from people and buildings.

Contact Little Giant Beekeepers Immediately

If you need professional beekeepers in Murphy, Texas, we are the team to call. We have the proper training and equipment to safely remove a hive or swarm of bees. And our team knows how to properly relocate the bees to a safe location. Let’s make your property safe again!

Got Bees?

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