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Professional Wasp and Bee Removal Services in San Antonio, Texas

Preventing Bee Stings on San Antonio Property

Are you hearing constant buzzing around your San Antonio property? Although bees are vital to our ecosystem, they can still threaten our safety when invading our space. If you are dealing with a hive of bees or wasps at your commercial or residential property, give Little Giant Beekeepers a call today. Our team has been ridding homes and businesses of hives for many years. We do it efficiently and effectively. We have the equipment and skillset to get rid of any traces that will bring the bees or wasps back. If you need wasp and bee removal services in San Antonio, Texas, Little Giant Beekeepers has you covered.

Live Bee Removals in San Antonio, Texas

Little Giant Beekeepers cares about each bee. They pollinate 90% of the plants that produce the world’s food. That is why we protect bees to the best of our ability and perform live bee removals. This means that we use specific equipment and tools to keep the bees alive while we relocate them away from your home and other buildings. We only use chemicals as the last resort.

Comprehensive Wasp and Bee Removal Services in San Antonio, Texas

Our team has a lot to offer your home or business in San Antonio, Texas. Take a look at some of our services below:

  • Bee control
  • Full hive removal
  • Bee proofing
  • Africanized bee control
  • Dallas yellow jacket removal
  • Wasp removal
  • Protection against bumblebees and other stinging insects

If you have any questions about our services, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are more than happy to answer all of your questions!

How to Stay Safe While Waiting for Wasp and Bee Removal Services

Little Giant Beekeepers delivers timely wasp and bee removal services in San Antonio, Texas, and we will add you to our next available time slot. In the meantime, there are a couple of things that you can do to keep you and your family safe. 

  • Wear protective footwear, long sleeves, and hats
  • Avoid vibrant-colored attire
  • Avoid the use of perfume, hair spray, or other heavy-scented products
  • Place trash in sealed containers
  • Don’t crush the bees. They release a scent that attracts more bees.
  • Stay still when a bee is near. Rapid movement makes them feel threatened

What to Do If You Get Stung

If you get stung by a bee or wasp, wash and soak the area with water and soap. If the stinger is still inside your skin, remove the stinger with a gauze or fingernails. Avoid using tweezers and if you are allergic to bees, seek medical attention immediately.

Little Giant Beekeepers in San Antonio, Texas

There’s no need to put up with the buzzing or to live in fear, give Little Giant Beekeepers a call today. We have been removing wasp and bee hives for many years, so you can entrust your property to us. Let’s schedule these removal services today and relocate these bees to an area far away from people and buildings.

Got Bees?

Don’t let little bees become a giant problem! Contact Little Giant Beekeepers.